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"Russian Dreams" by Georgy Shishkin at the exhibition in the Russian Museum


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ST. PETERSBURG. The inhabitants of St. Petersburg and its guests had a unique opportunity to visit the exhibition of the artist Georgy Shishkin, whose personal exhibition was opened on June 28 in the Russian Museum. The exposition, which included about 50 paintings, was located in the halls of the Engineering Castle.

The last time about the work of Georgy Shishkin, who lives and works for many years outside Russia, writes a lot in prestigious magazines. Most of the articles devoted to the artist’s work, written by serious analysts, art critics. However, little to read about the artist’s work, his skill and innovation. Articles from the most famous art historians can not be a substitute for even a single meeting with the master’s works.

The artist and architect Georgy Shishkin studied at UrGAHA, where he then worked for ten years, until 1988, as a teacher of drawing and painting. In 1985 he became a member of the USSR Union of Artists. The artist has experimented a lot in his work, using a variety of pictorial techniques.

As a result of searches, George Shishkin preferred to write pastels, but for better preservation of his works he began to use the way he prepared the basics he invented. This original method guaranteed a strong grip of the pattern to the base, did not allow it to crumble. Thanks to his invention, the artist was able to paint large pictures for pastel technology formats.

Visitors to the museum will see the works that are part of the main art cycles of George Shishkin. The exhibition includes paintings depicting the artists of the Russian ballet Diaghilev, historical subjects, portraits of famous artists of the world. A special place is given to the cycle «Russian Dreams», which made the artist famous in the 90s.

The exhibition of George Shishkin is open until the end of July.


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