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Borghese Gallery - Queen of Private Collections

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Of course, this is one of the most beautiful museums in Rome, located in an amazing park. Its founder was Scipio Borghese - a Roman collector, nephew of the Pope himself. All the gifts that were brought to Rome, quite officially departed to Borghese. Over time, such gifts became more and Scipio decided to create his collection, which became known as the «queen of private collections.» Here it is worth mentioning that if Borghese was not close to the Pope, then there could be no question of any collection. But everything coincided, the desire to create a collection and the opportunity to receive new souvenirs.

Paintings in the Borghese Gallery

Scipio was a big fan of icons and frescoes, which he bought, almost for nothing from churches and temples, so it was done with a picture of Madonna and other famous works. One of Borghese’s favorite sculptors was Bernini, who commissioned the Roman government to fulfill a huge number of orders.

After the death of Scipio, his children did not abandon their father’s enthusiasm, and the meeting continued to replenish. It was at this time that many of Rome’s masterpieces began to appear in it, among which there was a rather famous exhibit - «Reclining Venus.» Many historians argue that the prototype of the statue was chosen by the wife of Borghese - Paolin and the sculptor very accurately conveyed her image, which at that time was the ideal of feminine beauty. And now, in the Napoleonic museum, you can see a breast impression, which, it is claimed, was made from the very Paolina. The statue, for several centuries, was the most discussed subject in the higher circles. Many were perplexed as Borghese’s wife could pose in the nude before the sculptor, to which Paolina answered in a jocular manner: «It was warm and warm there, so it was not difficult for me to undress.»

In addition to the statues, the collection contains a huge number of all kinds of paintings. The main masterpiece is the work - «Love is earthly and love is heavenly» by the artist Titian. Also in the collection is the work of Raphael - «The situation in the coffin» , which representatives of Rome stole from the museum in Perugia and secretly from there removed. Picture of Domenichino «Diana’s Hunt» Borghese could get hold of only after he sent an artist who refused to sell it. in the dungeon Of the remaining works it is worth noting two works by Rubens: «David with the head of Goliath» and «Pieta», as well as the picture of Lucas Cranach «Venus» .