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Borghese Gallery - the queen of private collections

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Certainly, this is one of the most beautiful museums of Rome, located in a wonderful park. The founder of it was Scipio Borghese - Roman collector, nephew of the Pope. All the gifts that were brought to Rome, it was officially retreated to the Borghese. Over time, these gifts are becoming more and Scipio decided to create his collection, which became known as the «Queen of private collections». It is worth mentioning that if the Borghese was not approximate to the Pope, neither of which the collection could not walk and talk. But all successfully matched, the desire to create a collection and the ability to obtain new souvenirs.

The paintings in the Borghese Gallery

Scipio was a big fan of icons and frescoes, which bought almost for nothing from churches and temples, as was done with the painting of the Madonna and other famous works. One of the favorite sculptor Bernini Borghese was that commissioned by the Roman government carried out a huge amount of orders.

After the death of Scipio, his children are not abandoned passion of his father, and the meeting continued to grow. It was at this time, it began to appear, many masterpieces of Rome, among whom was a fairly well-known exhibit - «Reclining Venus». Many historians claim that the statue prototype wife Borghese has been selected - Paolina and sculptor accurately conveyed its image, which at that time was the ideal of feminine beauty. And now, in the Napoleon Museum, you can see the cast of the chest, which is said to have been made with the Paolina. The statue, for centuries, was the most discussed subject in the highest circles. Many wondered how the wife of the Borghese could pose in the nude in front of a sculptor on what she Paolina jokingly replied: «There’s a well-stoked and it was warm, so I was not too difficult to strip.»

Besides the statues in the collection is a huge number of various works of art. The main work is a masterpiece - «Love the earth and the love of heaven,»artist Titian. Also in the collection is the work of Raphael - «The Entombment»that representatives of Rome was stolen from a museum in Perugia and secretly taken out. picture Domenichino «Hunting Diana»Borghese was able to get only after the sent artist who refused to sell it. in prison Of the remaining work is to emphasize two works by Rubens, «David with the Head of Goliath» and «Pieta», as well as a picture of Lucas Cranach «Venus».