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The play ’The Old Man and the Sea’ staged by Anatoly Vasilyev was completed by the Chekhov Festival


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MOSCOW. Passed in the capital for almost two months Chekhov’s festival ended with the play «The Old Man and the Sea», which became the world premiere. The work of Ernest Hemingway was embodied on stage by the world-famous director Anatoly Vasilyev. This performance, shown on the stage of the theater. Vakhtangov on 19 and 20 July, Vasiliev dedicated to the memory of Yuri Lyubimov, whose centenary will be celebrated on September 30.

The performance of the work of Hemingway the audience will be able to see directly on Lyubimov’s birthday. It will be shown twice - on September 30, and those who can not get to the theater on this day, wait there on October 1. About his attitude to the performance Anatoly Vasilyev said at a press conference held before the opening of the Chekhov festival.

The director said, about the reasons that prompted him and the rest of the creators of the play - Alla Demidov, composer Vladimir Martynov and a team of artists and technicians, to devote a play to the memory of Yuri Lyubimov. It was a desire to express love and gratitude to the great creator.

For each of them Yuri Lyubimov was a person who played an important role in creative life. Anatoly Vasilyev staged in his theater play «Serso», which brought the director fame. Magnificent Alla Demidova for many years, since the end of the sixties, played the leading roles in Lyubimov’s performances.

Vladimir Martynov was the creator of the music for the plays staged by Yuri Lyubimov. «The Brothers Karamazov» and «Theatrical Novel», «Socrates» and «Chronicles», «Mask and Soul» - all of these performances sound music written by Vladimir Martynov.

The play «The Old Man and the Sea», presented to the audience in the form of a solo performance by Alla Demidova, was a fitting end to the Chekhov Festival. For two hours the audience, with bated breath, listened to the famous story of Hemingway,


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