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Platonov Arts Festival opened in Voronezh


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VORONEZH. The most important event in the cultural life of both Voronezh and Russia took place on June 2. On this day, the opening of the Platonic Festival of Arts, held in the Voronezh region for the seventh time, was held. For the first time on the forum, named in honor of Andrei Platonov, Voronezh writer, in 2011 came to his hometown famous artists.

Already in the year of its inception, the Platonov Festival received the status of an international forum. Representatives of 17 countries are expected to participate in the festival this year, including artists and musicians, writers and artists.

Officially, the festival opened only in the evening, with the opera Homeland of Electricity, written by Gleb Sidelnikov based on the story of A. Platonov. Mikhail Bychkov, director of the Chamber Theater, worked on the premiere, which became the first performance of the festival program.

However, for the residents of Voronezh, the festival of arts began much earlier. Several art events were attended by the Art Center «Kommuna», where two interesting exhibitions were opened. One of them was presented by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. His staff brought an exhibition «Look at people» from Moscow, presenting Russian video art on it.

The exposition of the second exhibition presented works by Pavel Pepperstein, in which the artist presented his interpretation of ancient Greek myths in the language of Suprematism. Also, the employees of the «Commune» prepared a retrospective of the films of Dziga Vertov. Another exhibition opened in the museum. Kramskoy. Visitors to the museum will see the work of Andrei Tyshler.

During the festival, whose work will last till June 14, the Voronezhs will see many interesting events, including performances of street theaters. All theatrical performances will be held on Sovetskaya Square


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