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The Museum. Kramskoy presented a retrospective of the work of Sergei Romanovich


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VORONEZH. The festival of arts, bearing the name of Andrei Platonov became for the museum named after. Kramskoy an excellent occasion to show the work of his contemporaries. On the first day of the forum, an exposition was opened in the museum, presenting the works of Alexander Tyshler. The next exhibition, which opened on June 4, was a retrospective of the works of the artist Sergei Romanovich.

«To make a painting that remains» - under such a symbolic name the museum staff presented the exposition to the public. It included 33 works by Sergei Romanovich, written by him in different years. At the exhibition you can see how the artist’s views on painting changed over time. The exhibition included paintings created by Sergei Romanovich at the beginning of his work, during the period of his passion for Russian space.

Next to them were placed works written in 50-60 years, in which the artist is in polemic with the world’s artistic heritage. In his paintings, the talented master is so skilfully using the color palette that they become filled with light.

The artist, creating his paintings, often used mythological subjects and biblical parables. These works, in which the prodigal son and the good Samaritan appear before the guests of the museum, Sergey Romanovich wrote during his life in Voronezh.

However, the canvases with still lifes are equally magnificent, where the artist captures surprisingly beautiful flower compositions. The bulk of the paintings placed in the museum hall is his property. Several works were received during the exhibition from private collections.

At the opening of the exhibition, Yevgeny Khamin, the head of the Heritage Museum, noted the important role of Natalia Romanovich, the artist’s daughter, in preserving his work.

The exhibition of Sergei Romanovich is open until 30 July.


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