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In Saratov, the tour of the students of the theater school Oleg Tabakov


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SARATOV. In the Youth Theater there are tours of students studying in the theater school, headed by Oleg Tabakov. Such a student landing arrives in Saratov for the second time. Two years ago the students of the fourth year showed their skills on the stage of the Theater for theatricals, which pleased the theater-goers of Saratov with their performance of the play «Profitable place». This time the tour tour became more ambitious - third-year students brought three diploma theatrical performances.

The first tour was «Dead Souls». The audience appreciated the originality of the stage reading and the high professionalism of the novice artists with ovations that sounded not only at the end of the performance, but also during its performance. The performance was held on June 1, and the next day journalists came to the theater to talk with Yuri Kravets, the director of Tabakov’s school.

Yuri Kravets stressed that in the course of training students are often offered independent work. They also approached the choice of plays for diploma theses. They do not choose the material they will work on, but teachers listen to their opinion. Most of the student’s work is based on classical drama.

Included in the tour program «Echelon», «Last summer in Chulimsk», can be attributed to classical works, as their authors have long belonged to the Russian classics. Anna Gulyarenko, the director-teacher of Tabakov’s school, told that the performance «Echelon» was prepared by five students of her course practically independently. The teachers only added a few scenes and included several four-year students in the production.

Before the beginning of the tour of unrest, a lot was experienced. Students say that the success of their performances is largely due to the Saratov audience, grateful and understanding.


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