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In the theater of Oleg Tabakov celebrated the thirtieth anniversary


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MOSCOW. On the first March day in the legendary «Tabakerka» began to celebrate the anniversary. The theater of Oleg Tabakov is thirty years old. That is how many years have passed since the premiere of the performance «Armchair», the basis of which was the famous in those years story «PE on a regional scale,» written by Yuri Polyakov.

The majority of participants of this performance were graduates of the GITIS acting course, headed by Oleg Tabakov. Later many pupils of the master, who became the rector of the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, came to the theater. The names of former students are now familiar to viewers.

In 1990, young actors Yevgeny Mironov and Vladimir Mashkov, who immediately took an active part in the life of the theater, appeared on the stage of «Snuffbox». Three years after coming to the theater, Vladimir Mashkov presented his first director’s work - «Passions for Bumbarash», and a year later another premiere was staged by a young director - the play «The Deathblow».

In these performances participated students Mhatovsky school-studio, after its completion became actors «Tabakerki.» Among them was a young artist Sergei Bezrukov, who today is the head of the Provincial Theater and a famous film actor. Over the years of the existence of «Tabakerka» on its stage performances were staged by many famous directors.

With the artists of the theater Tabakov worked Valery Fokin and Kama Ginkas, Adolph Shapiro and Mindaugas Karbauskis. Artists and directors of the theater received the most prestigious theater awards in Russia. On the day of the jubilee, the guests of the historical scene saw the exhibition «We are 30 years old». They also attended the presentation of a large-scale photo album released on the memorable date, entitled «History in Thirty Seasons». His photographs show the entire history of the theater.


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