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Immediately on three stages were met by spectators in the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater on the first day of the 118th season


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MOSCOW. The capital’s theaters one by one open their doors to the audience, inviting them to the first performances of the new season. One of the main theaters of Moscow, the Moscow Art Theater, does not lag behind its colleagues. Chekhov. On the 2nd of September the collection of the troupe took place, at which the artists of the theater were presented with the replenishment of the collective.

Graduates of GITIS, Theater College Oleg Tabakov came to the theater. While young artists have become members of the trainee troupe. Admitted to the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater and actress S. Ivanova-Sergeeva, who had previously played on the Mkhatova stage in several productions.

Tabakov, greeting his team, reminded the artists about the main events of the past season - the foundation of the theater branch was laid, the monument to the founders of the Moscow Art Theater was inaugurated. Oleg Pavlovich also stressed that practically at all performances of the last season the halls were filled completely.

In the evening of the same day, at the Moscow Art Theater, the actors met their fans at once on three stages of the theater. The audience, who came to the main stage, was presented with the «Jubilee of the Jeweler» - the last premiere set by K. Bogomolov in honor of Oleg Tabakov’s jubilee. On the small stage showed «Illusions», and on the new audience saw «Santander. Two novels. « This performance was staged last season.

The plans of the Moscow Art Theater have a solid number of new works. In October, the audience will meet with the heroes of Dumas, revived on the stage of the theater thanks to the performance of Konstantin Bogomolov famous novel about musketeers. For November, a premiere show of Alexander Ogarev’s work on A. Ostrovsky’s play is planned. Fans of the theater are waiting for many more surprises. In early November, they will be able to see performances with Oleg Tabakov, and on November 14, Oleg Pavlovich will solemnly celebrate his anniversary at the evening, which will take place at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater main stage.


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