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The joyful and disturbing colors of the literary palette of the last week of March


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NIZHNY NOVGOROD. I opened the literary festival named after Gorky.

«White Spot», «Reserve», «Aksenov Fest», «Petersburg Bridges» - literary festivals with a stable reputation, enjoying considerable popularity among the reading public. In their regiment arrived. On March 29 the First International Literary Festival named after Gorky was opened, the day after the celebration of the 149th birthday of the Petrel of the Revolution. The need for intelligent communication and good literature remains unchanged at any time. Therefore, the emergence of a new platform for meetings with readers, discussions, presentations of novelties in the city with rich cultural traditions is a positive development. The main purpose of the festival, according to one of its founders, writer and entrepreneur Dmitry Birman, is the desire to give a new powerful impetus to the cultural life of Nizhny Novgorod. Writers, translators, representatives of famous publishing houses from Russia, France, Israel, China, Poland, Kazakhstan take part in pitchings, round tables, master classes, creative meetings. The list of participants includes many famous names - Roman Senchin, Nina Sadur, Maria Arbatova, Yaroslav Pulinovich, Oleg Roy, Krzysztof Zatravski, Van Lidan.

In addition to the traditional for this festival events in the program there is an exotic musical and literary performance «The Shaman Book». On April 2, the last day of the book forum, a pitching session for children’s art and development literature will be held, organized by the publishing house «Anthology». In the palette of the literary week there are also disturbing colors. A line of prestigious literary prizes can lose one of the main links. The Organizing Committee of the Russian Booker, whose laureates were Ulitskaya, Gallego, Okudzhava, Shishkin, Vladimirov, Aksyonov, is trying to find a way out in a crisis situation. The absence of a new investor after the completion of cooperation with the former may lead to the closure of the famous award.


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