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Theater day theaters in Vladimir noted in advance


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VLADIMIR. The International Day of Theater in Vladimir began to celebrate on the eve of the festive date. In the theater square, located in front of the Vladimir drama building, the artists of the two main theaters of the city - puppet and dramatic, congratulated the amateur theater artist on the holiday.

Especially for young spectators on the improvised stage, the favorite heroes of puppet shows showed their dresses in front of the theater. This was a show of the best works of the puppet theater designers from the collection «Spring-Summer». So artists of the fairy-tale characters about three piglets, funny villains, animated in the fairy tale «The Sweet Trap» and the heroes of the performance «Dark Forest» presented the characters.

Simultaneously with the show of puppet fashion, the artists held a quiz for the audience, the winners of which received tickets for the next performances. The actors who represented the puppet theater themselves said that it was not easy for them to go out with puppets on the street. However, to enable children to enjoy meeting with a fairy tale is extremely important.

Adult theatergoers were presented with an excerpt from «Andrei Bogolyubsky», the play. who participated in several theatrical festivals. And then Pushkin’s verses sounded, and after the verses of the classic sounded the famous monologue of Hamlet. Actor Andrei Guramishvili performed it first in the original, and then in the famous translation of Pasternak.

A theater of growth puppets «Sofit» became a guest of the festival of Vladimir artists and theater-goers. They showed Petrushka’s performance, Babok-Yozhok, amazingly musical, and invited the children to dance with the participation of the magnificent Tigrunka.

Traditional «kapustnik», scheduled for March 27, will not be seen by everyone. There were more of them than seats in the hall. However, everyone could become a participant in the Theater Day meeting on the Theater Square.


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