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In the museum. Sukachev opened the exhibition of Ivan Blokhin, a famous painter from Chita


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IRKUTSK. Employees of the Museum. Sukachev honored the memory of Ivan Blokhin, a Chita artist, known far beyond Transbaikalia. In the Gallery of Siberian Art in the evening of October 3, was solemnly opened a large-scale exhibition of paintings by the artist, in 2008, the year of the deceased. The initiator of the exhibition was the daughter of the painter, Tatyana Blokhina.

The exposition includes more than seventy works by Ivan Blokhin. Most of the exhibition space was occupied by landscapes, written in travels along Baikal, Sayan, Angara. Among the artist’s works there are magnificent still lifes, portraits and plot pictures. Although Ivan Blokhin was a participant in the war, he rarely dealt with the frontline issue.

His study at the art school in Irkutsk was interrupted by the departure to the front, so Ivan Blokhin mastered the profession of the artist on his own. For the first time his paintings were presented at regional exhibitions in the postwar period. They were immediately noted by connoisseurs of art.

The artist was amazingly functional, creating over the years of creativity, not one hundred works. The daughter of Ivan Blokhin said that only from his two-month journey through Baikal the artist brought more than 90 sketches. Then they were written several large-scale landscapes, united by the artist in the series. «The Tale of Baikal» - such a general name gave the painter his works.

All the works presented in the exposition provided the daughter of the painter for the exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to imagine what path in the work the artist chose. Almost all the works written by Ivan Blokhin, are executed from nature. This was the main principle of his work.

Getting acquainted with the work of Ivan Blokhin will continue until October 15, and on October 5, guests will receive a thematic excursion.


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