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Жорж де Латур - Женщина, ловящая блоху

Igor Dremin: MMOMA


Игорь Дрёмин
Фото-художник, журналист

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The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the exhibition project of the artist Vladimir Opar «I exist in an ever-changing landscape». For the first time the artist shows his projects, previously presented in Germany, Holland, Latvia, Russia, as a whole. The exhibition project «I exist in the ever-changing landscape» includes video installations and a series of works by the artist created in various media, expressive and pictorial works of the early 90s, large-scale media installations for the artist «Songs of Avatars», «Deportation», « Line of the horizon, objects and assemblages of the 2000s.


1 02.03.2017 artflash


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