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"Theater - the territory of freedom" - the work of the artist Vasily Shukhaev at the exhibition in Magadan


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MAGADAN. The regional museum of local lore solemnly presented the guests with a new exhibition «Theater - territory of freedom». Its exposition, dedicated to the work of the outstanding painter Vasily Shukhaev, was created on the initiative of the staff of the Moscow International Museum of Art (the Moscow museum specializing in contemporary art).

Among the first guests of the exhibition, which opened on August 31, were representatives of the leadership of the Magadan Region represented by the Governor and Deputy Mayor of Magadan. This exhibition MMOMA continues a large-scale project, dedicated to the study of the life and work of the artist and teacher Vasily Shukhaev.

Magadan for the exhibition was not chosen by chance. Here the artist lived for ten years in exile. At first, Vasily Shukhaev was an ordinary prisoner of the SWITLE, who worked in the timber fellings. However, in connection with the creation of the Music and Drama Theater in Magadan, he was among the members of his collective who had been ransacked and volunteer.

The theater was opened in September 1941, giving the artist the opportunity to work creatively in his profession. He worked at the Magadan Theater until 1947. Since 1945, when the term of his exile was over, Vasily Shukhaev occupied the post of the main artist-director in the theater. Over the years, the master has created a solid amount of scenery for performances.

Therefore, the theatrical works of the artist became a separate section of the exhibition. Many of the sketches presented in this section have survived by a miracle. During the cleaning of the theater premises, they were discovered by the artist Vladimir Myagkov. He recognized the author of these works and transferred them to the museum.

In addition to the theatrical works of Vasily Shukhaev, the exposition includes other works created by the artist in different years. Among them, landscapes written in France.

The exhibition is open until November 13.


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