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The premiere of "Cherry Orchard" staged by Sergei Bezrukov


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MOSCOW. The Moscow Provincial Theater on Thursday, November 30, invited media representatives and close friends of the troupe to a press-show of the play "Cherry Orchard". The production of the play by Chekhov was supervised by Sergei Bezrukov. Work on the play began with rehearsals that took place in Lyubimovka, where the manor belonging to Konstantin Stanislavsky is located.

It was in Lyubimovka that Chekhov was visiting, when he had the idea of the plot of this play. Rehearsals in Stanislavsky’s estate were the first stage in the creation of the play, the result of which was a sketch of "The Cherry Orchard" shown by the artists of the Provincial Theater on the opening day of the festival "Stanislavsky’s Season".

It was presented to the guests of the theatrical forum called "The Cherry Quest". Now the sketch turned into a full-fledged play "The Cherry Orchard", the official premiere of which is scheduled for December 2. According to Sergei Bezrukov, the play has not lost its relevance, although it has been more than a century since its creation.

In the scenic reading of the head of the MGT, Lopakhin’s personal drama came to the fore. The story of the loss of the cherry garden in Sergei Bezrukov’s version turned into a story of the hopeless, long-term love of the protagonist of the play for Ranevskaya. However, in the play, the eternal Chekhov theme of the loss of the values of the past is still clear and piercing.

Sergei Bezrukov sees in Lopakhin a man who is led in life not by a passion for profit, but by a huge love for a woman worthy of which he aspired to become. Lopakhin can not live any longer, while in his heart there is love for Ranevskaya, without a future. In the role of Lopakhin on stage came Anton Khabarov, who is part of the leading artists of the MGT.

The action of the performance is accompanied by a completely visible image of the cherry garden - flowering, withering and disappearing in the finale.


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