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The festival ’Season of Stanislavsky’ was opened in Lyubimovka with a sketch of the play based on the play ’The Cherry Orchard’


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MOSCOW. Sketch of the play «Cherry Quest» June 27 in the suburban village of Lyubimovka near Moscow the festival «Season of Stanislavsky» was opened. Artists from four theaters came to the summer festival, which takes place in the framework of the «Our Moscow Region» program. The participants of the summer festival of provincial theaters were collectives from St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sevastopol and the Republic of Karelia.

Festival performances will be shown on two stage venues, the main one of which will be the Moscow Provincial Theater. However, the first guests of the festival came to Lyubimovka in order to become in Stanislavsky’s estate both spectators and participants of the play «Cherry Orchard», here written by Chekhov.

Together with the characters of the play, the audience will move around the estate. The basis of the performance staged by Sergei Bezrukov was the first act of the Chekhov play. It was presented by artists of the Moscow Provincial Theater, among which was its leader. Sergey Bezrukov became the executor of a small episodic role of a passer-by. Later, the director plans to include the full version of the play «Cherry Orchard» in the repertoire of MGT.

Here, in the theatrical pavilion, on July 3 and 4, he will show his play The Puppet Theater from Petrozavodsk. They brought to the festival the director’s work of Oleg Zhugdy - «Steadfast Tin Soldier». The rest of the festival performances will be watched by the audience at the Provincial Theater.

The program will begin with the play «Dream of Autumn» directed by Yuri Butusov, staged by him in the St. Petersburg Theater. The Leningrad City Council. Then the artists of the theater. Kachalov, who arrived from Kazan, will show the performance of the famous Figaro in the production of Alexander Slavutsky. Director Nikita Grishpun together with the artists of the Sevastopol drama will present the play «TODASYO», staged on the works of Chekhov.


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