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Closing of the season at the Moscow Provincial Theater


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MOSCOW. Sergey Bezrukov’s theater this year at the closing of the season gathered a huge number of spectators. The last performance of the completed theatrical season was the dedication of V. Vysotsky in the production of Sergei Bezrukov. «Vysotsky. The birth of a legend «was first introduced to the public on the poet’s birthday.

However, this time the performance was shown to a much larger number of spectators, because the head of the season was invited to the Crocus City Hall, with a concert hall seating 2,000 people. The audience took the performance very warm, because most of the audience consisted of fans of the famous bard.

The older generation of the public, for whom Vysotsky still remains a legend, watched the scene on the stage with close attention, recognizing in each of the artists the image of his poet. Young audience, born after the death of the seventies, the content of the performance aroused no less interest. Both generations of spectators supported the most famous songs of Vladimir Semyonovich from the stage.

They were performed in a variety of arrangements - from classical bardic versions with a guitar, to performances accompanied by an orchestra. The most courageous performers have added a modern sound to Vysotsky’s songs, using the style of rock singers. As a result, the play turned out to be a story not only about the time when Vladimir Semyonovich lived and worked, but also about today’s day.

Although Provincial Theater is still very young - the end of the season is only the fourth in his life, but he was extremely rich. Seven premieres, participation in the «Sezon Stanislavsky», participation in the «Big Tours». With their creativity the residents of Khabarovsk and Vladivostok met. In the jubilee season, spectators are expected to attend the theater on September 5.


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