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The third premiere on the Simonovsky stage of the Vakhtangov Theater "The Enchanted Wanderer"


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MOSCOW. The new scenic platform of the Vakhtangov Theater, dubbed the "Simonovskaya Stage", was opened for viewers only recently, but has already managed to please them with premieres. Spectators who came to the theater on November 17, on the day of the official opening of the new stage, saw the play "The Evening of the Fools".

He became a kind of symbol of the continuity of generations, because the production of the work was directed by Catherine Simonova, a representative of the famous dynasty of Simonovs. The next premiere of the new site was the play "Love at the Throne". Directed by Andrei Maksimov not only put the play, but he himself wrote it.

On November 29, the audience will meet with another premiere performance. With the work of director Natalia Kovalyova fans of the Vakhtangov Theater are familiar. The play "Our class" delivered to her at the Vakhtangov Theater became a hit of the last season. This time, Natalia Kovaleva turned to the classics.

Her new director’s work was a play based on the novel The Enchanted Wanderer, written by Leskov. According to Natalia Kovalyova, Leskov’s description of human life fully corresponds to the life of each of us. Everyone shares the alarm of the Leskov hero, who worries over his people, who believes that loud talk about the world leads to tragedies. There are parallels with today, when in words everyone is fighting for peace, and around us are wars, terror and violence.

Leskov’s narrative is included in a series of epic works, although it is written as a legend. Therefore, the history of life described by him refers to the eternal. For the honored artist Igor Kartashov, participation in the "Enchanted Wanderer" was the first major role performed as part of the celebrated Vakhtangov team.

In the near future, the audience will be presented with two more premieres.


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