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Sergey Zhenovach will open a new season of STI ’Master and Margarita’


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MOSCOW. Sergey Zhenovach on August 30 gathered the STI troupe to discuss plans for the upcoming season. The head of the «Studio of theatrical art» introduced the team of new actors. In the new season, the theater’s troupe joined the graduates of GITIS, trained in the studio of Sergei Zhenovach. This is already the fourth issue of students who studied acting in the theater of the STI.

Represented the troupe and its new members working outside the stage. At the STI, an accountant, an assembler and administrator of the theatrical site were accepted. Season of this theatrical year the theater begins in the status of the federal theater. The beginning of a new life has already been felt by the actors who returned after the summer holidays. They were waiting for the updated dressing rooms and recreation area.

Alexander Zhuravsky, deputy minister of culture, who attended the meeting, announced the STI budget for the coming season. It consists of federal funds, supplemented by presidential grants, which amounts to 132 million rubles. The Deputy Minister reported another pleasant news - Sergei Zhenovach is expecting the award «For Services to the Fatherland».

Literally the next day in the theater begins a tense work - the actors are waiting for the reading of the texts of future productions, rehearsals of new performances. Young artists will be introduced to roles in previously staged performances. Until the meeting with the audience there are only two weeks - on September 14, the performance «Master and Margarita» in the STI will start a new season.

In the plans of Sergei Zhenovach the production of the play «Reserve». The basis of the production will be Dovlatov’s novel, supplemented by Pushkin’s poems. In the main hero of the future performance, the images of two real people - Brodsky and Dovlatov - will unite. Another premiere of the season will be «Three Sisters». The director believes that without participation in Chekhov’s plays, the artist can not be considered an artist.


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