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Sergey Zhenovach presents his own version of ’Master and Margarita’


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MOSCOW. Sergei Zhenovach, the head of the Moscow «Theater Art Studio», on March 6 conducted a general run of his new director’s work. The director again decided to turn to the work of Mikhail Bulgakov. In the repertoire of the studio there is already a play «Notes of the deceased», staged by Sergei Zhenovach. Its basis was Bulgakov’s «Theatrical Novel», the subtitle of which became the title of the play.

Now the director decided to bring to the stage his vision of the most famous work of the writer - «The Master and Margarita». In an interview with media representatives, the author of the performance explained his approach to staging the play. He noted that the most important for him was the world created by Bulgakov, and the characters living in this world.

Sergei Zhenovach believes that in the first place this novel is a love story, which in the majority of scenic incarnations of the work becomes the second plan of the play. Even at the stage of the idea of staging our staging team had a desire not only to illustrate the plot of the novel, but getting into the author’s intention, to come up with his stage reality.

A tremendous help in the work on the play was provided by famous versions of Bulgakov’s great work and his drafts. As a result of the work of the permanent production team, which consisted of Alexander Borovsky, Grigory Gobernik and Damir Ismagilov, under the leadership of Sergei Zhenovach, the play «Master and Margarita» appeared in the theater’s repertoire. An important role in the production of the novel was given to the famous illusionist Artyom Shchukin.

Sergei Zhenovach in his version of the play, as promised, has kept all three layers of the novel. The participants of the play were all three generations of actors of the studio

The official premiere of the «Master and Margarita» will be presented to the audience on March 8th.


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