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Theater of Roman Viktyuk opened a theatrical marathon with the play ’Phaedra’


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MOSCOW. On the stage of the Moscow Youth Theater the performance «Phaedra», the premiere of the closing season of the Viktyuk Theater, began the Theater Marathon, which represents the most interesting productions of the famous collective. For three weeks, since July 11, fans of the theater will be able to see performances, many of which have already become a legend.

For the first time the Theater Marathon took place 16 years ago. It was conceived to show viewers the versatility of the work of Roman Viktyuk, a unique director who creates performances unique in stylistics, mood and form. He refers to the works of authors belonging to different epochs and directions.

Each new work of the director adds to his work new colors, showing the audience how unique the aesthetics of the performances created by Roman Viktyuk, deservedly included among the brightest personalities of the theater world. The performances give an opportunity to trace the creative biography of the director for several decades.

For the years that have passed since the first marathon, it has become a real theatrical holiday for spectators, who were able to see again the favorite performances, get acquainted with the new works of the theater. During the theatrical marathon, theater fans can chat with their favorite artists after the performances. For the artists themselves, the marathon has long been a landmark event of the season, the brand name of the theater.

This time the audience will see 11 performances, among which will be the legendary «Servants». To make the performances, which are especially interesting for viewers, could be seen by everyone, they will be shown twice. In their number, in addition to «Servants», included «Phaedra» and «Venetian», the official premiere of which will be held next season. This is the first directing work for Viktyuk Igor Nevedrov, the leading actor of the theater.


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