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In Barnaul, the tour of the Irkutsk Theater named after Vitaliy began. Okhlopkova


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BARNAUL. After exactly forty years after the previous tour of the Irkutsk Drama Theater, a new meeting of Barnaul spectators with Irkutsk artists was held in the regional drama theater. In 1977, the Irkutsk Drama hosted a whole month in Barnaul, having managed to show during that time a significant part of her work. This time the tour will last much less - only five days.

For these days, Irkutsk artists will show four performances from their repertoire, in which most of the theatrical company is engaged. The first production, shown on the stage of the Altai Drama Theater, was the directorial work of Oleg Permyakov. The director presented his reading of Grigory Gorin’s famous play «Memorial Prayer». The first Barnaul spectators saw this performance on June 5.

On June 6, another demonstration of the dramatic story, narrated by the writer in the play «Prayer Prayer», is planned. Despite the dramatic events taking place in the play, this performance gives rise to hope, showing that it is possible to overcome all the problems of the collapsing world.

The next evening the Irkutsk artists will devote love. They will present the audience with the play «Old-fashioned comedy», loved by many people. Brought to Barnaul and the original version of «Eugene Onegin», born of a student performance. This audacious performance, in which two Onegins and Lenskys appear on stage, the audience will see on June 8.

The tour will end on June 9 with the performance «Tartuffe». This sparkling performance also came on a big stage after his appearance as a teaching production, but eventually became firmly established in the repertoire of the theater.

All the days of the tour of the Irkutsk academic drama, on the stage of their theater will be performances by the actors of the Altai Territory Theater. They will show their four best performances in Irkutsk.


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