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Petersburg through the eyes of artists Irina and Yuri Gretzky in the hall ’Blue Living Room’ gallery of the Union of Artists


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ST. PETERSBURG. Irina and Yuri Gratsky on April 25 presented the continuation of their exhibition project «The Space of the City». A new exhibition of honored artists of Russia, opened before May 14, was named «In the space of Petersburg». All the works that were placed in the Blue Room hall of the gallery of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg are dedicated to the city on the Neva.

The artists made Petersburg the main hero of their paintings, writing on them embankments and streets, sculptural monuments and famous architectural ensembles. The painters did not neglect the work of modern architects. Completed in the coming millennium, they have already become part of the city, which has a unique history.

People who have lived in St. Petersburg since childhood are well acquainted with the views of the city, appearing before the audience on the canvases of artists. They have become an integral part of their lives. However, on canvases written by the Gretsky, they are recognizable, but they have acquired unusual, extremely simplified forms, turned into lines, combinations of color planes.

Ultimately, the conventional decorative forms lined up in expressive rows, similar to certain emblems. Before the audience comes an unusual city, seen by artists living in the twenty-first century. However, despite the conventionality of the form, St. Petersburg remains familiar, only seen in another dimension.

Installations, complementing the paintings, become a way of connecting two worlds, one of which is real, and the other is born of the imagination of two remarkable Petersburg artists. Irina and Yuri Gretskie are connected not only with creativity, but also with one destiny for two.

In their works, talented artists gave Petersburg a special aura, successfully combining classics and innovation.


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