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"Big Tour-2017" Theater. Volkova in Penza and Saransk


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SARANSK. For the first time the Saransk theater-goers will get acquainted with the work of the famous theater. Volkova. Yaroslavl artists continue touring, taking place in the framework of a special project, which is held at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture. «Big Tours - 2017» began for the Volkovsky Theater by a trip to Penza, where for a few days the guests from Yaroslavl managed to show four magnificent performances.

In the tour program there are both productions of contemporary authors and classical artists in the original reading of talented artists. Did not forget the Yaroslavl Theater and young spectators. Especially for the Saransk kids brought a musical tale, set by Eugene Marcelli.

Penza viewers were extremely warmly received all of each of the performances of the tour program of the oldest Russian theater. Now the performances created in the theater. Volkova, it is necessary to assess the inhabitants of Saransk. Journalists were the first to meet with guests from Yaroslavl. The press conference was held on the day of arrival of Yaroslavl artists, June 9. At the meeting, the story of the Volkov Theater’s actors was told about the recent tours, about the plans of the troupe.

The first meeting with the audience of Saransk will be held on June 10. Their acquaintance with the tour program will begin with the play «Green Zone», filled with nostalgia about the recent past of our country. This performance was created by the director Eugene Marcelli based on a play written by modern playwright Mikhail Zuev.

The next evening, viewers will see a scenic reading of the poem «Moscow-Petushki» from the capital’s director Denis Azarov. The tour of the Volkovsky Theater will end on June 12 with Chekhov’s stories in the play Two Funny Stories. In the afternoon, young spectators will be invited to this day, who will be shown a fairy tale «Ivan Tsarevich».


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