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The new exhibition of the project ’Light and Color’ was opened in Saransk


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SARANSK. Visitors who were on June 1 at the Museum. Erzya, met a well-known to all Russians music composition, reminiscent of France. To the melody «Under the sky of Paris» the guests of the museum went to the opening exhibition «Light and color». His work was represented by Jean-Louis Bonami, a French artist who showed his works to Russian art lovers for the second time.

He successfully represented his work in Moscow, at the Moscow University. A. Kosygin, where in 2014 there was an exhibition of Jean-Louis Bonami. The French artist was a participant of numerous exhibitions in Paris, his works participated in art salons of international level, were presented at prestigious auctions.

In Saransk Jean-Louis Bonami brought 48 works written during the last decade. On his canvases, French and Scandinavian themes resonate with Russian motifs. The artist presented his impressions of Russia in the canvases «The Kremlin» and «Rostov the Great», as well as in pictures with everyday village stories.

At the opening of the exhibition, the artist was greeted by Lyudmila Kolchanova-Narbekova, director of the Moscow Institute of Fine Arts. She spoke about the importance of the project «Light and Color», in which Mordovian art lovers already had time to get acquainted with the work of artists from China, Finland and Italy. Now they had the opportunity to see the bright and colorful works of a remarkable French painter.

Anatoly Chushkin, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Mordovia, also attended the exhibition. He presented the French artist with the medal «For Interethnic Consent». In response, Jean-Louis Bonami expressed gratitude for the attention shown to his work, and invited artists from Mordovia to France for an internship.

The exhibition is open until June 20.


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