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A masterpiece worth the wait for so many years. Jacques Rivette’s film in Russia


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MOSCOW. For the first time in the Stanislavsky Electrotheater there were screenings of the film «Out 1: Do not Touch Me» by Jacques Rivette.

The legendary tape of one of the leaders of the French «New Wave» (Jacques Rivette), Jacques Rivette, who passed away last year, reached 46 years later and reached Russia. A gift to the cinephiles was presented by the Stanislavsky Electrotheater, on the small stage of which during the week all parts of the 13-hour film were demonstrated. On the last day of the show, the audience was able to see its reduced version. The choice of a place for the Russian premiere was not accidental.

After the appointment of the artistic director of the theater, Boris Yukhananov, a disciple of Vasilyev and Efros, a large-scale reconstruction of the premises was carried out, the repertoire policy underwent radical changes. The new concept implied the creation of a space open to experiments, avant-garde productions, the embodiment of interesting ideas, which have no analogues on the contemporary stage. Such projects include multimedia performances: opera «Sverliytsy», three-part «Blue Bird», eight-hour «Golden donkey. Open space of work «, video» Crazy Prince «.

The best place to get acquainted with the large-scale film project Out 1: Noli me tangere was difficult to come up with. References to the Balzac story about conspiracies and the mysterious «Group of thirteen», which do not lead to the natural ending of the rehearsal of Aeschylus’ plays, Paris, survived the «Red May» of 1968, the characters mirroring each other, slipping away, and then forming details in an understandable puzzle. And the inability to look away, switch, miss something in the fabric of a large-scale narrative. In the end, it turned out a masterpiece, which was worth waiting for so many years.


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