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All to see, not to be afraid and always tell the truth


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MOSCOW. The presentation of the book «100 contemporaries about Lyubimov» took place at the Stanislavsky Electrotheater.

The monumental concept of «centennial anniversary» is difficult to correlate with the image of Yuri Lyubimov. Pompous honors, the laying of bouquets and regalia - not about him. He would have invented something, dumbfounded by an unexpected experiment. He, as before, would speak directly with the viewer, helping to find answers from Chekhov, Aristophanes, Moliere and Shakespeare to the most pressing issues of the day. «The profession of the director is to see everything.»

And still talk about what excites all, not thinking about the consequences, as did honest artists and directors at all times. As in the «Good Man of Sezuan», «Galilee», «Hamlet», «Pugachev», «The Possessed.» And do things without fear of retribution. To visit Solzhenitsyn’s Peredelkino for the day of his arrest. Uncompromisingly defend the «Living» and other impassable performances. Do not shut Vysotsky’s offense against the strong recommendations. Endure during the split of the company in 1992. Survive the separation from his offspring in 2011, which recalled the dramatic collisions of Shakespeare’s King Lear. Truth is always driven from home, like a guard dog. «

Once his grandfather and grandmother, 86-year-old Zakhar Petrovich and 84-year-old Agafya Nikiforovna, were thrown out of the house on the snow, taking away all the property from the «disenfranchised» and «kulaks.» Repeatedly arrested parents, expelled from the Komsomol elder brother. The future reformer learned to survive and hold a blow from early childhood. Be free and teach it to others.

Active participation in the creation of the book «100 contemporaries about Lyubimov» was attended by the staff of the Design Laboratory for the study of creativity Lyubimov. The initiator of her publication was the widow of the director and the chairman of the board of the Lyubimov Charity Fund Katalin Lyubimov. Co-authors of the book are well-known actors, directors, like-minded Yuri Petrovich.


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