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In the theater. Vakhtangov was awarded the ’Man of the Theater’ award


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MOSCOW. In Vakhtangov Theater on Monday there was a festive evening dedicated to the Theater Day. This time the holiday for a part of the staff of the collective became double - the most worthy Vakhtangov awarded the «Man of Theater» prize. This award was established by the theater itself in 2015. The special significance of this award is that it can be received by any employee of the theater, regardless of whether he goes on stage, or because of the scenes, helps the birth of each of the performances.

The winners are chosen by the Vakhtangovs themselves, anonymously, by secret ballot. This year, the awarding of the Man of Theater Prize was held for the second time. Awards are also from the Vakhtangov Theater - they were created by Maxim Obrezkov, the main artist of the troupe. The first award was presented to the theater director Kirill Krok. Then, the branches of lilac, in the form of a gold brooch, Rimas Tuminas handed employees behind the scenes.

The winners were the employees of the dressing room and make-up shop. Galina Bazhanov, the head of the dressing room, was the first to applaud the scene, The next award was also presented to the employee of the costume team. Raisa Donnikova has been working in the theater for 50 years, dressing both great masters and young artists. The third prize was given to Olga Kalyavina. The head of the make-up department has been creating unique images for almost 40 years.

From the female composition of the theater, the award was awarded to the people’s artists of the Russian Federation Maria Aronova and Lyudmila Maksakova. «The Person of the Theater» this year was the oldest actor Vladimir Etush, who thanked the theater for the applause of the audience. The prize was awarded to the work of the director Vladimir Ivanov. Received the award and the play «Minetti» - the directing work of Rimas Tuminas.

The ceremony was crowned with the premiere of the performance «Carmen» performed by guests, students of the College of Culture from Vladikavkaz,


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