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"Tabakerka" opened the season with the play "Yeppe-s-gory" from the Danish classic


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MOSCOW. In a small room of «Tabakerka» on September 2, a new season opened with the premiere of the performance «Yeppe-s-Gory», staged by Gleb Cherepanov. The play is staged in a classic Danish play written almost three centuries ago by Ludwig Holberg.

Despite the so venerable age of the play, the performance turned out to be surprisingly modern. A significant role in this was played by a new translation of her text, made by Yegor Peregudov. A simple story about how a peasant, sent by his wife to the city for shopping, glanced on the way to the inn, and in the morning he suddenly turned out to be a king. The people around convince the main character that the previous life had only dreamed of him.

Here also events begin in which it is easy to see a caricature of modern reality. Yeppe, feeling like a real king, threatens the manager of the execution. The reason for the severe punishment was silver buttons on his suit, unacceptable with a small salary.

Then the newly appeared king appears on the improvised rostrum with an improvised speech, stigmatizing corruption. In his speech, notes of well-known historical characters are sounded, combined with the sound of speeches by modern speakers. In this there is no clamor - in the play you can feel the serious work of the actors.

For the new season in the «Tabakerk» eleven Premieres are planned, so that the fans of the theater will often meet at new performances. Some of them are already rehearsing for display in the new theater building. Its opening is planned for the next year.

After the actors of the Tabakov Theater master the new scenic stage, the audience will be able to see them not only in the famous cellar on Chaplygin Street, but also in Malaya Sukharevskaya Square, where the finishing works are already underway.


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