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Waiting for a miracle and the probability of a new legend being born to Concours Clara Haskil


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VEVE. Japanese pianist Mao Fujita won the Clara Haskil Competition.

Each musical competition is, to a greater or lesser extent, the expectation of a miracle, the hope of meeting with a unique talent. Concours Clara Haskil, which is held every two years in the Swiss city of Vevey (Vevey), takes a special place among other competitions. The only name of Clara Haskil, who was called a legend even during her lifetime, sets the highest bar. Not everyone can overcome it. The verdict of the jury «pas de prix» sounded in Vevey five times: in 1963, 1969, 1983, 2003 and 2015. The representative of our country, Evgeny Korolev, won here only once, in 1977. Although by that time he had already left the USSR, having left his wife, pianist Ljupka Hadziegeorgieva, to Yugoslavia, and then to Germany.

The triumphant Concours Clara Haskil-2017, Mao Fujita (Mao Fujita) has all the makings for an exceptionally successful career. In the portfolio of the 18-year-old student of the College of Music in Tokyo (Tokyo College of Music High), a number of awards: the victory at the pianists’ competition in Vienna, the International Rosario Marciano Piano Competition, the Wagner & Verdi Award (2013), the first awards in contests The World Classic 2010 in Taiwan, Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians in China (2015), Hamamatsu International Piano Academy Competition in Japan (2016), Grand Prix Japan Classical Music Competition, winning the 64th Music Competition among students, The Aiko Iguchi Award, Nomura Award. He successfully performed at various festivals in Poland, Italy, Switzerland.

Fujita - from geeks, like Haskil. Mao met with black and white keys in 3 years. Clara entered the Bucharest Conservatory at the age of six. Exceptional talent promised her a bright future. But poor health (progressive scoliosis and pituitary tumor), shyness and self-doubt did not allow it to take place fully. The flight to Switzerland from German-occupied France helped to open a new, happier chapter in her life. Concerts, cooperation with Philips, financial stability after many years of need and uncertainty. The audience, disoriented at first by the cohesion of the figure and the fragile appearance of the gray-haired woman, was delighted and shocked after the first bars. The tragic accident, which interrupted her life a month before the 66th anniversary, did not allow the fulfillment of many of the plans of Haskil. Concours Clara Haskil was established in 1963 in memory of a great musician.

The potential of Mao Fujita, a convincing performance in the finale, left no doubt about the fairness of the choice of the jury. His inspired, technically perfect game allows you to forget about the competition and enjoy Mozart’s music, the genius interpreter of which was Clara Haskil herself, to think about the birth of a new legend.

The monetary equivalent of the award is 25,000 Swiss francs or 26,000 dollars.


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