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In the focus of the people who determined the shape of modern British culture


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Nizhny Novgorod. The first festival of British documentary cinema IN FOCUS was opened.

International organization The British Council has been working in Russia since 1992. One of the areas of the British Council is cooperation in the field of culture and art. Among the most resonant projects are exhibitions of artists from the banks of foggy Albion and the annual festival «New British Cinema».

Since August 1, BS together with the Center for Contemporary Art «Arsenal» is holding the first festival of documentary films IN FOCUS with free attendance of sessions. In the program - five films about the personalities that determined the face of modern British culture. Asif Kapadia’s film «Amy» about the singer Amy Jade Winehouse (Amy Jade Winehouse) - the owner of almost all major awards of the film industry: Oscar, BAFTA, MTV Movie Award, European Film Award, EMPIRE. The exceptional musical talent and huge popularity of Winehouse did not become that protective armor that would save her wounded heart, delayed the tragic end.

Matt Whitecross (Mat Whitecross) - a story about the cult group Oasis, created by the Gallagher brothers and became a legend «during life.» Her story is a huge commercial success, the recording of the famous album What’s The Story Morning Glory, fantastic concerts in Newbord. Unseemly wrong side - drugs, irreconcilable rivalry, scandalous disintegration of the collective.

In the picturesque section of IN FOCUS - two films by Randall Wright (Randall Wright). «Hockney» (Hockney) - a kind of video diary of the classic British painting, who celebrated on July 9 80-year anniversary. The famous artist, the creator of works in the technique of photocollage (joiners), the author of the hypothesis of using a pinhole camera in classical painting. In the focus of the narrative, the one and a half hour painting «Lucien Freud: Painted Life» is a rebel, provocateur, one of the most successful representatives of the direction of figurative painting, the grandson of the founder of psychoanalysis.

«Ted Hughes: Stronger than Death» is a version of the fate of one of the most significant British poets, the owner of a lifetime title of «poet laureate», as well as numerous titles and awards, offered by director Richard Curson Smith (Richard Curson Smith ). A brilliant literary career and tragic fractures of his personal life. A series of suicides - wives, talented poetess Sylvia Plath, mistress Asya Wevill, who lost her life not only herself but her little daughter - caused a negative attitude to the poet of a large part of the public. One of the key moments of the film is the first interview with daughter Plat and Hughes Frida. Their son Nicholas, who worked as a marine biologist, hanged himself in his home in Alaska in March 2009 in a state of deep depression.

Except Nizhny Novgorod In Focus take St. Petersburg, Kazan, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg.


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