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"Classic in the dark" - exacerbated feelings and enjoyment of music


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TOLYATTI. In the Philharmonic there was a concert of classical music in the dark.

Good music is self-sufficient, does not need monograms and condiments. Enough ideally-tuned tools, the professionalism of those who hold them in their hands, and responsive to the beautiful public. However, any experiments that exacerbate the feeling of beauty, can only be welcomed. The basic postulate of the doctrine of the vicariate of the senses: the lack of one organ is compensated by the development and increased functioning of others. A person without vision is more sensitive to the sounds of the surrounding world. The absence of light helps to open the soul to the creations of great composers. The concert «Classics in the Dark», held on September 21 in the Togliatti Philharmonic, allowed to test this hypothesis in practice.

In order to help the public, decided on the «gloomy» experiment, only the flashes of the light show and the projection of masterpieces of painting. On a fascinating journey that began with Mozart’s «Little Night Serenade», Vivaldi was waiting for her - a concert for flute and solo on a glass harp (duet «Sommelier Duo», extracting enchanting sounds from five dozen glasses), Handel, Tchaikovsky, Legrand, Handel, Schubert. In the final - dying candles and the musicians leaving the stage - a fascinating symphony No. 45 «Farewell» by Haydn. Unforgettable opening of the 26th concert season.

This year music lovers could also visit similar concerts in other cities. In early July, the vocal sextet «Common Touch» presented the Moscow program «Colored dreams». Performed a capella classical works, jazz and folklore compositions. The organizers are participants of the project «People IN». Its main goal is the formation of a tolerant communication model. One of the forms of cultural events is concerts in a room specially equipped by specialists from Germany. The opportunity not only to enjoy beautiful music, but also to better understand the sensations of people without vision.

The program «From Bach to Part» within the framework of the project «Classics in the Dark» will be held on September 23 in the Planetarium of St. Petersburg. The ensemble «Strings of Petersburg» takes part in the concert. The ideological inspirer of the project is Sophia Bridge, responsible for the musical part of the annual unique show on Scarlet Sails.


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