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Exhibition for the centenary of the Yekaterinburg watercolor master Boris Semyonov was opened at the ’Poklevsky-Kozell House’ IEC


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EKATERINBURG. The International Exhibition Center «Poklevsky-Kozell House» is waiting for the guests at the exhibition of works by the master of watercolor Boris Semenov. Opening of the exhibition, consisting of 24 paintings, solemnly passed on July 17. The exhibition was created in honor of the anniversary of the Yekaterinburg artist, who this year could celebrate his century.

In the exhibition hall is represented an infinitesimal part of creativity. Part of the work was in the funds of the Local History Museum, the rest of the work was provided by collectors. At the opening of the exhibition deputy. General director of the Museum of Local Lore, Vladimir Bikodorov talked about the great creative legacy left by Boris Semenov.

All specialists unanimously assert that the creation of a large exhibition that is able to fully show the artist’s unique talent is necessary. In order to collect his work in a single space, you will have to make a lot of efforts - most of them are stored in private collections. It will be necessary to find them and agree on cooperation during the exhibition.

The birthplace of Boris Semenov was the Northern Capital, which at that time was called Petrograd. Artistic education the future artist received in the art school of his native city, and after the release by distribution went to Sverdlovsk, where he worked all his life.

His main work was orders for decorating holidays, he painted portraits of the leaders, and in the 70s Boris Semenov became a member of the brigade of Uralmash artists who created portraits of drummers. But the artist devoted all his personal time to Sverdlovsk, which became his source of inspiration. Cityscapes, imprinted on his watercolors, many viewers cause feelings of nostalgia.

To see what was Sverdlovsk many years ago, it is possible on September 17.


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