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"Masterpieces of seven generations" arrived in the Kaliningrad Art Museum


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KALININGRAD. The project «Masterpieces of Seven Generations», within which seven unique Russian cities will host unique exhibitions, consisting of paintings belonging to the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery and IRRI. Over one hundred works created by famous artists will be seen by art lovers living far away from the capital’s museums.

The idea of this project belongs to the Institute of Russian Realistic Art. Similar mobile projects IRRI has already represented before. In 2012, the Institute showed the exhibition «Soviet Sport» in London, and in 2015 an exhibition called «Russia on the road» was brought to Rome.

The new project began a tour of the country from the western point of the Russian map - the city of Kaliningrad. The Kaliningrad Art Gallery brought 47 paintings and graphic works from the IRRI collection, whose authors are the iconic artists of Russia of the 20th century.

Among them are masterpieces created by such masters as A. Deineka, S. Gerasimov, Heliya Korzhev and other masters of Soviet art. The first visitors came to the art gallery on July 18, the opening day of the exhibition.

All the time of the exhibition, her visit will be free, because the creators of the project have set a goal - to show the changes in the life of the country on the example of painting created by classics of pictorial art. In the paintings of artists who created in the twentieth century, the life of villages and small towns, new post-war construction sites and everyday scenes are presented.

You can confidently talk about the painting of the last century, that it became a reflection of the history of the country. The project is not limited to showing pictures. During the exhibition, educational programs will also be held.

In Kaliningrad, the exhibition «Masterpieces of seven generations» will be until August 27. This is an important event in his cultural life.


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