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"Someone 1917" - an exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery, collected works created in the year of the revolution


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MOSCOW. About three years it took the staff of the Tretyakov Gallery to prepare an exhibition «Someone 1917», opened for visitors on September 28. The creators of the exposition gathered in the exhibition space the best works of artists, most of which were created at a crucial time in Russian history - in 1917. According to these works, it is obvious how varied reaction to the events occurred among the most significant representatives of the era.

The exhibition presents several sections. Ambiguous attitude to the events of various artists are most clearly shown in the section «Myths about the people.» This part of the exhibition is devoted to the disclosure of the topic, the most important for understanding Russian culture. During the years of the revolution, the «mystery of the people’s soul» excited many artists.

If M. Nesterov believed that the revival of the country is possible only with the strengthening of the Christian faith, then Serebryakova and Petrov-Vodkin in their works represented the images of the peasants, idealizing them. These artists in their works stressed that it is work on earth that gives rise to morality and beauty.

Unlike these painters, B. Grigoriev in his paintings emphasizes the negative qualities of a national character. Equally ambiguous works are collected in the section «city and townspeople».

Part of the artists chose stories that were far from the world around them. Their paintings are located in the section «Get away from this reality.» Non-objective painting, the history of which at this time was just beginning, is devoted to the exhibition «Utopia of the New World».

The works collected in the exhibition «Chagall and the Jewish Question» were created by young masters, who combined national traditions with the latest trends in painting.

You can get to know the exhibition before January 14


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