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The exhibition ’Alexander Labas. October »opened in IRRI


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MOSCOW. The first of October was the day of the opening of the exhibition of paintings and graphic works by Alexander Labas, a Russian avant-garde artist. The exposition of the exhibition, created from the paintings that are part of the largest series of works by Alexander Labas - «October», took several IRRI halls.

About fifty works included in the exhibition, went to the exhibition of the largest Russian museums. In addition to the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the Pushkin Museum, the art museum Kostroma and the Labas Foundation took part in the creation of the exhibition. The professionalism of the design of the exhibition was already appreciated by her first guests, who visited a special show that was held on Tuesday.

One of the guests was Olga Golodets, who called the exhibition a huge artistic achievement. The creators of the exposition placed at the entrance to the exhibition halls «Self-portrait on the background of» October. « Alexander Labas wrote this work in 1978, by his creation, emphasizing his involvement in the creation of the most important in his life cycle of paintings.

Anastasia Serenko, art critic of IRRI, told that the October events took place when the artist was only 17 years old. At this time, Alexander Labas sketched the faces of armed soldiers, who later inspired him to create works of the cycle, over which the artist worked all his life.

Only at the age of thirty he painted a picture that became the beginning of the series «October». In creating this cycle, the artist did not emphasize his sympathies either side. Fixing the events that took place, Alexander Labas stressed that the revolution is an element, insanity. The faces of the heroes of his paintings hide behind a light fog, so they can not be seen. So the artist of concrete people turns into images of participants in the events of the revolution.

The cycle «October» can be seen on December 10.


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