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"The Signature of Alexander Tikhomirov" - an exhibition of the memory of an Amur artist opened in Barnaul


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BARNAUL. In memory of the People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Tikhomirov, the exhibition opened on July 25. The exposition, presented under the name «The Signature of Alexander Tikhomirov», is located in the hall of the Art Museum of the Altai Territory. The exhibition represents two areas of art, in which Alexander Tikhomirov worked.

One of the creative directions is unique. The works, whose theme became religious subjects, are tempera, and the basis on which they were created was the old wooden shutters. This material gives the artist special expression. This creative direction was patented by Alexander Tikhomirov in 1995.

In this part of the exhibition there are 24 works performed in this author’s style. Visitors of the museum will be able to get acquainted with the work of the cycle «Saints». Last year they visited the exhibition in Paris. The cover of Alexander Tikhomirov is in the collection of the art museum.

Art critics call this creative direction created by the artist, the parable-metaphorical art, with which he penetrated into the essence of the Russian icon, in which the ideas of Orthodoxy are reflected. In the intricate natural lines of the old tree on which the unique works of Alexander Tikhomirov were created, he sought the keys to the mystery of creation, trying to join it.

The second part of the exposition includes works written by the artist recently. In 2016, Alexander Tikhomirov visited the Altai. The village of Srostki, the Katun River and the island of Patmos located on it - these landmarks for the region inspired the artist to create magnificent landscapes of Altai natural attractions. One of these landscapes the artist’s family handed over to the museum.

The exhibition will last until September 14.


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