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"Our Crimea" - a joint exhibition of Crimean and Kazan fanciers was opened in Kazan


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KAZAN. In the gallery «Park of Culture», part of the entertainment center «Riviera», on July 21, the opening of the exhibition «Our Crimea» was held. The main part of the exposition was paintings painted by Crimean artists. Organizers of the exhibition placed the works of Crimean authors on one side of the exhibition hall, and the opposite side was filled with works of Kazan artists.

Authors of works living in different regions, as it were, enter into a dialogue. If the Kazan painters preferred scenes from the city life in their works, then on the canvases of the Crimean artists there are port landscapes, the life of the guests of the Crimea. Holidaymakers appear on their paintings in a form familiar to resort towns - on vacation in coastal restaurants, in light clothing, traditional for the summer season.

Opening the exhibition for the public, art critic Yuri Kruglov noted that in each of the paintings placed in the hall, there is a lively perception of the world filled with a festive mood. People are tired of tragedies, they want rest and holiday, and the canvas, from which the smell of the sea is heard, it is felt how the waves are running along it, help to find peace and good mood.

Igor Shipilin, who heads the Creative Association of Artists Living in the South of Russia, came to the opening of the exhibition, where visitors can get acquainted with the creativity of South Russian artists. On his account more than 20 personal exhibitions, held in Russian and foreign cities.

He said that the association had already held exhibitions in Russian cities, including Moscow. Now they decided to introduce their citizens to Kazan. The exposition of the exhibition will change every month, so you can visit it repeatedly, each time getting acquainted with new authors.


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