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"Paints of the Kuban" - an exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Krasnodar Territory is opened in the Regional Exhibition Hall


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KRASNODAR. In honor of the upcoming celebration of the anniversary of the Krasnodar Territory, the regional exhibition hall presented the exhibition «Paint of Kuban». The exposition of the exhibition is created from works preserved in the archives of the Khudograph of the Kuban University. More than 50 works of various genres placed in the exhibition hall were performed in different years of the faculty’s work by its students and teachers.

The earliest works belong to graduates of 1964, the first issue of the faculty, founded in 1959. Then for the first time in the South of Russia there was an opportunity to acquire a higher education of an artistic profile. During the years of work of the hudgraf, his teachers prepared a significant number of masters working in different areas of art. Each of them made a significant contribution to Russian culture.

The exposition is prepared to familiarize the visitors of the exhibition hall with the image of the Kuban, created in their works by artists of different generations. The opening of the exhibition took place on July 4th. Art lovers who managed to visit the exhibition were especially interested in works of painting belonging to the representatives of the first generation of teachers, as well as their portraits.

On one of the portraits, written by G. Kravchenko, a great master of realism, the audience could see GV Bedu, one of the founders and heads of the hudgraf. The still life, written by the outstanding watercolorist GM Koshelnikov, also entered the exposition.

Presented in the collection and the thesis work, belonging to N. P. Kalugina and her colleague S. D. Vorzhev. These two names last decades are constantly present in the cultural life of the Kuban. A separate topic was student work dedicated to veterans.

«Paints of the Kuban» can be seen until July 17.


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