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In the museum. Kovalenko opened the exhibition ’The Art of the Young’


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KRASNODAR. «The art of the young» - under the name of the museum named after him. Kovalenko presented the works of Sergey Vorzhev’s pupils, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. The exposition accommodated about a hundred works by young authors. Most of them are made by the Krasnodar artist Julia Kudina, still a young but already well-known author of paintings.

Among the works are surprisingly harmonious still-lifes, on which compositions from the gifts of nature, grown on the Kuban land, appeared before the public. The style of her works is reminiscent of the surreal landscapes typical for the creativity of the artist’s teacher - Sergei Vorzhev. The exposition includes works written by other, no less talented students of the honored artist.

The authors of the graphics and paintings presented at the exhibition are Alexandra Miller, Elena Streban, Elena Tkach. Each work has its own style of its author, but in each of them the influence of the work of Sergey Vorzhev, who taught the painting technique of young artists, is clearly visible.

At the opening of the exhibition, which took place on August 31, there were not only friends of artists and admirers of the work of the masters of the Kuban. Representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the region, artists and critics came to congratulate the young generation of artists. Natalia Kostenko, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, noted in her greeting the importance of Sergei Vorzhev’s having so many talented students.

According to her, the work of Sergei Vorzhev has long been an integral part of the Kuban art. It is very pleasant that he managed to share his skill with a young generation of talented artists, having taught them to create positive works.

To get acquainted with the works of the Kuban youth can be until September 17.


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