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Exhibition of the Krasnodar artist Alexander Kuzemka is open in the museum. Kovalenko


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KRASNODAR. Admirers of landscape painting until May 9, waiting in the museum. Kovalenko, where on April 13 the exhibition of Alexander Kuzemka, Honored Artist of the Kuban opened. The well-known Krasnodar painter selected for the exhibition the best paintings written by him at different times.

The exposition of the exhibition, where most of the artist’s works is represented by landscapes, can be called retrospective, as the works presented in it show how the skill of the painter grew. For Alexander Kuzemka, landscape painting became the closest genre.

In it, he found the possibility of the most complete embodiment of his creative ideas. The content of landscapes painted by Alexander Kuzemka is traditional. However, the artist’s excellent mastery of the brush gives his works a unique plasticity, they are filled with a variety of colors, executed in a special color.

In the work of Alexander Kuzemka, the best realistic traditions are clearly visible. In his landscape painting, the artist pays much attention to the Kuban nature, showing the audience how beautiful his native land is, how many romantic corners in the Russian outback.

Part of the landscape painter wrote in Italy, these works also found a place in the exposition. Visitors of the exhibition together with the artist will visit the streets of Italian cities, they will see the famous channels filled with color and air. Alexander Kuzemka works in portrait genre, creates thematic compositions.

Another direction of the work of Alexander Kuzemka was the restoration of old icons. In a separate part of the exhibition the artist presented lists of famous Russian icons, among which one can see works using the style typical for the Novgorod icon-painting school.


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