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In the museum. Bakhrushin opened the exhibition ’Daniel Fyodorov. Portrait Theater »


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MOSCOW. The Bakhrushin Museum celebrated the Day of the Theater with the opening of an exhibition presenting the work of the Moscow artist Daniil Fyodorov. About 50 works of the portrait genre are in the exposition, located in the main building of the museum. «Portrait Theater» - such a telling name was given to the exhibition by its organizers.

Indeed, the exhibition presents portraits of bright heroes. Visitors to the exhibition are easily recognized without signatures. The names of famous Russian and foreign figures of theatrical art are known to each of the guests of the exhibition. However, the «Portrait Theater» simultaneously rethinks the significance of the portrait genre in contemporary art.

Today, it becomes important not so much the external similarity of the portrait, but also the inner content of the person represented by the artist. Especially this principle is important, when the viewers have portraits of people whose images have already become stereotypes born of public consciousness.

This is possible only when the artist becomes a «director» who can build a mise-en-scene, fully revealing the world of the «actor», born on canvas by the talent of the painter. Daniil Fedorov creates his own works. connecting different styles and artistic directions.

Taking as a basis the classical Russian school of painting, he complements it with impressionism and post-impressionism, while addressing avant-garde trends. It existed at the beginning of the twentieth century. Art historians distinguish in the works of Daniel Fedorov’s inner confidence and picturesque looseness.

This combination allows the artist to create modern and energetic portraits, the images of which are full of vitality. On most of the portraits written by Daniil Fedorov, our contemporaries.

The «Portrait Theater» is open for guests until April 16th.


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