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Talent, curiosity and inspired hard labor


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MOSCOW. Among the first laureates of the new prize of the Swedish Academy is the translator Nina Fedorova.

The years of the reign of King Gustav III are one of the brightest periods in the history of Sweden. During the years of his reign (1771-1792), a supporter of enlightened absolutism did a lot. He fought corruption, carried out monetary reform, passed a law on freedom of speech, founded the Royal Theater (Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern), the Royal Opera (Kungliga Operan) and the Swedish Academy (Svenska Akademien). Members of the latter - writers, politicians, well-known figures of science and culture - are engaged in the standardization of the most widespread Scandinavian language, work on dictionaries, decide on awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature.

This year Svenska Akademien decided to establish another award for those who help preserve the purity of the language. The best translators of Swedish literature from different countries received for the first time the Academy prize, the monetary equivalent of which is 100 thousand kroons. Among them, Dane Anna-Marie Bjerg (Anne Marie Bjerg), Pole Leonard Neuger (Leonard Neuger) and Nina Fedorova from Russia. Thanks to it, Russian-speaking readers got acquainted with the best works of Tove Jansson, Lars Gustafsson, Selma Lagerlof, August Strindberg, Ernst Ingmar Bergman, Henning Mankell,, The author of detective novels about the commissioner of police Kurte Wallander.

In her luggage - not only Swedish, but also German, English, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Icelandic. Her translations presented dozens of wonderful books to a wide audience, helped to learn many talented authors. The literary gift, curiosity, broad knowledge in many fields, including in exact sciences, is a guarantee of an invariably excellent result, an adequate transfer of all the nuances of the original into Russian. The best praise for Fedorova is the reader’s kind words about the work she worked on.

Tatiana Tolstaya once wrote about the ability of her grandfather, the legendary translator Mikhail Lozinsky, to transform the dull tin of foreign languages into the transparent gold of his native speech. On the hard labor of the person who chose this profession, who, like Adam, gives names to the objects and concepts of the garden that is flowering beyond the fence. The name of Nina Fedorova on the front page is the best recommendation for the most experienced reader.


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