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Igor Dremin: Alexandra Khudyakova. ’Subsculpture’. Art doll


Игорь Дрёмин
Фото-художник, журналист

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Russian Academy of Arts (Prechistenka, 21) presents an exhibition of works by Academician RAK Alexandra Khudyakova «Subsculpture». Art of an art doll. Author dolls of this famous master won the audience recognition, highly appreciated by professionals. Unrestrained fantasy, vivid imagery, grace distinguish the works of A. Khudyakova.

Regular personal exhibitions of the artist successfully take place in Russia and abroad. The works of Alexandra Khudyakova are represented in private collections and collections in Russia, Italy, Germany, the USA, Israel. By order of the Museum Association «Museum of Moscow History» the artist created a unique collection of 12 dolls «Moscow elite».

Alexandra Khudyakova is a member of the Association of Puppet Artists (MAU), a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (TSAH) (IFA), curator of the DOLLART project. RU and the ART-DOLL project, deputy chairman of the Artistic Doll Section of the TSHR. She was awarded the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts, medals of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the Moscow Union of Artists.

Alexandra Khudyakova was born in Moscow in 1970, she graduated from the design department of the Moscow State Art and Industrial University. S. G. Stroganov. The author’s doll became both the theme of her diploma and her real vocation.

The art of a doll is one of the most ancient phenomena of world culture. Doll-toys and a doll-model - two of his faces invariably coexist in the space of history. The game origin, fairy-tale and at the same time some reminder of the machine civilization, alienation, duality, according to the researchers, created a special «doll mythology». In the art of the second half of the twentieth century, largely aimed at comprehending its own specificity, comprehending the limits of its own possibilities, the art of the doll as a reflection of the antithesis of the living / inanimate, spiritualized / mechanical opens up an exceptional space for the expression of the ever-living problems of contemporary art.

The art of an artistic doll in Russia, originated in the late 20th century among professional artists, received a special original development. Painters, sculptors, designers, theater and film artists, jewelers, animators, decorators found in the art of dolls a unique artistic language.

A. Khudyakova is far from understanding the doll as a dummy serving to demonstrate the costume. Each of her new works is a new image, a new character, a new story. First of all, the artist is interested in the «personality» that she creates. The idea dictates the form, material, external attributes, posture, costume, hairstyle, accessories. Porcelain, lace, beads, bugles, pearls, rhinestones, shiny chains and garters of precious fabrics - everything is composed in chased drawing akin to the dresses of noble ladies in portraits of the Northern Renaissance. Often the works obviously appeal to the famous sculptured little ballerina Edgar Degas. The latter is not accidental and is a very important circumstance in the author’s artistic position.

Using in his works various types of plastic (cernite, puppen-fimo, Flumo), A. Khudyakova prefers porcelain, considering it «precious», like a tree, a stone. The artist is in constant creative search, experiments, applies new techniques, materials, technologies. One of the first in our country, she began to create articulate dolls. For the first time she used metallized porcelain (series «Reflections», on the themes of works by K. Khudyakov) in the doll. The effect of mirror metallization brings the doll closer to sculpture, but the hinged mobility returns the game nature to it.

A. Khudyakova does not undertake to characterize the style in which she works. «The art of the author’s doll is a synthetic art,» she notes, «not only in terms of combining different materials, techniques, crafts, but also in a peculiar game with styles. Everything that the image conceived by the artist can realize is used without regard to the generally accepted framework and rules. « Renaissance, East, Art Deco - a bizarre mixture of associations, author’s imagination give birth to fabulous images of her works. The exhibition will feature several dozen works of different years - a real feast of fantasy and beauty.


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