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Nikita Mikhalkov presented the performance "Metamorphoses" in Nizhny Novgorod


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NIZHNY NOVGOROD. In the drama of. Gorky Nikita Mikhalkov presented the production of "Metamorphosis", consisting of nine fragments, included in the works of Chekhov and Bunin. Participants of the performance were students studying at the Academy, bearing the name of the director.

For the third year, artists who already have theatrical education and work experience become listeners of the Mikhalkov Academy. The director himself calls his studies at the Academy an intensive one-year course of increasing acting skills.

The final work of the students is the play "Metamorphoses", a kind of experiment of the famous director. The director’s work arouses interest primarily in the choice of non-dramatic works, and the prose of Russian writers. The director, together with the actors, creates on the stage a special atmosphere that helps the perception of the text.

The solid experience of the director in the creation of cinematographic works became the reason for the active use of video materials in the play. Specially for the performance, a video was created, constantly broadcast on the descending screen and on the back of the stage.

In his speech before the start of the show, Nikita Mikhalkov called this work not a performance, but an open rehearsal, noting that even in the process of introducing it, changes can occur. The director told about the careful work on the performance, the main purpose of which is the creation of a special atmosphere.

A pre-recorded soundtrack is used, on which all the necessary effects are present. Presented November 13 at the Theater. Gorky work of the listeners of the Academy is a preparation for the creation of a theater in the future, where there will be more opportunities for creating performances using modern technologies.

November 18 Nikita Mikhalkov will present the performance "Metamorphosis" in Penza.


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