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Chelyabinsk viewers are waiting for the premiere of Sigarev’s play "Alexei Karenin" in the drama and. Orlova


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CHELYABINSK. Very little time left until the premiere of the play "Alexei Karenin." The premiere will be held on November 24, and now in the drama of. Orlova is the final rehearsal. The play, directed by Evgeny Malenchev, the director of the Tula Drama Theater, was written in 2012 by Vasily Sigarev, the Yekaterinburg playwright. It was created specifically for the Moscow Art Theater (Moscow Art Theater).

The author created an unusual stage reading of Tolstoy’s famous novel. If Anna is the main character in the novel, then Alexey Karenin became the center of the play in the version of Sigarev. From the novel, the playwright singled out the relations of his three main characters - Alexei Karenin, Alexei Vronsky and Anna.

Working on the play, Sigarev questioned the cause of the tragedy. In his opinion, Anna gave preference to another for a banal reason - she did not like her husband at all. Evgeny Malenchev, after reading the play, noted that such a development of a well-known plot is much more interesting.

In the play Sigareva Karenin does not look neither old nor boring. Therefore, the question immediately arises - if Anna’s husband is not an unpleasant person, then what was the reason for her falling in love with Vronsky. The audience will try to answer this question together with its participants.

The possibility of staging a play by Sigarev Chelyabinsk Drama Theater received thanks to the program of support of young direction, conducted by the Ministry of Culture. Of the 52 applications received for the competition, only a third was approved. The list also included the Chelyabinsk drama of. Orlova.

Director Evgeny Malenchev with the Chelyabinsk Theater cooperates for the first time. To the production of Vasily Sigarev’s dramaturgy, he also started the first time, although he was always interested in his work.


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