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The "Baltic Seasons" was attended by the Russian Drama Theater from Lithuania


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KALININGRAD. Within the framework of the "Baltic Seasons", the 14th time introducing Kaliningradians with the best works of art of various genres, the tour of the Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania was held in the city. For two days of his stay in Kaliningrad, Lithuanian artists managed to please the audience by showing popular performances "Zoykina apartment" and "Eugene Onegin".

For tours, the regional drama theater provided the stage. Kaliningrad viewers are already familiar with the work of Jonas Vaitkus, the head of RDTL. The director staged "Maria Stewart" in the regional drama, based on the famous drama of Schiller, and "Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy", based on the play by V. Gombrovich.

This time the audience got acquainted with the director’s work of Rolandas Atkociunas. October 18, the director presented the comedy "Zoykina apartment". Extravagant characters of the play were embodied in the Kaliningrad scene by the most talented actors of the Vilnius Theater. In the role of Zoe Pelts the audience saw Inga Mashkarin, the brightest actress of the troupe.

Over the scenery of the performance worked Martins Vilkaris, the famous stage designer from Latvia. The musical design belongs to the composer Giedrius Puskunigis. Costume designer Jolanta Rimkute pleased the audience with women’s outfits in retro style. There were also performances by the choreographer Leocadia Dabuzhinskaite in the play.

The audience appreciated the magnificent performance with endless applause. The following evening, the audience was presented with the play "Eugene Onegin" Jonas Vaitkus, the director, whose work was appreciated by a large number of prestigious awards, worked on the production of the novel in verse. In the performance, almost the entire theater staff participate. The scene perfectly suits singing, dancing and the text of Pushkin.


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