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Boris Khlebnikov’s ’Arrhythmia’ is a film that gives hope


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KARLOVY VARY. Alexander Yatsenko received a prize at the festival in the Czech Republic for his role in «Arrhythmia»

One of the awards of the just-concluded 52nd Film Festival in Karlovy Vary (Mezinarodni filmovy festival Karlovy Vary) went to the film «Arrhythmia». The prize for the best male role, as well as on XXVIII «Kinotavr», was received by the non-alternative actor-talisman of Boris Khlebnikov Alexander Yatsenko. Each film with him, according to the director, is Sasha in the proposed circumstances, it’s interesting to talk about him, it’s impossible to do without him.

On the screen - the doctor of «First Aid» in a difficult moment of life. The medical wife, who performs daily feats in the whirlwind of foster care, (the role of Irina Gorbacheva) wants to part with him, the authorities too. Not ideal, often drinking, not having time to say the second half of a superfluous kind word, is categorically incapable of meanness. Ignore the new regulation, the «20 minute rule» if it can harm the patient. It rushes to the challenge, if it can be in place before a specialized brigade and save a person. Refuses to follow the installation of a soulless boss: do not spend a minute extra time on the patient and take care only that he does not die with emergency doctors. What will happen next is not so important.

In the work on the picture, which was shot in the walls of the Yaroslavl Emergency Hospital, invaluable help was provided by the doctors working there. First of all, a wonderful vertebro neurologist Dmitry Yuryevich Moiseev, who developed a method of biomechanical massage. A unique diagnostician, he seeks to determine the root dysfunction, and hence the cause of the disease, helping in the most difficult situations. A romantic who came into the profession under the impression of Efremov’s book The Razor’s Edge and films about the war in which doctors did their best to save the wounded was with the crew of Arrhythmia on the same wave.

Hero Yatsenko honestly confesses to his wife that he does not hope for career growth or salary increase, which is unlikely to ever leave his job. And the actor himself refuses to play speculative rubbish for the sake of spiritual and material comfort. Khlebnikov’s film is often compared to Zvyagintsev’s «Unloved», leaving no illusions about the light at the end of the tunnel. «Arrhythmia» gives such a hope.


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