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Pskov viewers bid farewell to the participants of the Pushkin Theater Festival


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PSSCOV. The Pushkin Theater Festival, held in Pskov for the 24th time, culminated on February 12 with the play «Notes of a Young Doctor», presented to spectators by the St. Petersburg Theater «Workshop». The statement about the events that took place in the first year of the young doctor’s work, described by Mikhail Bulgakov, became the directing work of Grigory Kozlov, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Like Bulgakov, the director in his work refers to the personalities and destinies of people, in his works there is a belief in people and love for them. Performance «Notes of a young doctor» was awarded a special prize from the expert council of the Golden Sofit, became the nominee of the Golden Mask.

Andrey Turchak, the governor of the region, attended the final evening of the festival in the theater hall. On the same day, two sketches of performances created within the framework of the unique director’s laboratory were shown. Under the guidance of Oleg Loyevsky, the young directors created three sketch performances. They were embodied in the hay by the artists of the Pskov drama.

All sketches were dedicated to Pushkin’s work. The first of the three sketches was shown on 11 February. The audience saw the directing work of Dmitry Krestiankin «Mozart and Salieri». Performance of the main roles the director entrusted the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Svekolnikov and the young theater actor Alexei Puchkov.

The sketch of the preliminary performance «Pinezhsky Pushkin», presented by the director Pyotr Chizhov took place in the museum of the theater on the afternoon of February 12, and in the evening the audience saw the «Captain’s daughter» directed by Nikolai Russky. The audience unanimously gave their preference to the Pinega Pushkin. There were no negative reviews. The final choice of the sketch performance for replenishing the repertoire of the Pskov drama will be made by Alexander Kladko, the artistic director of the theater.


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