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A simple story from the life of the Krasnoyarsk conductor conquered London


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LONDON. The winner of the 13th festival of short films was «Tamara» Sofia Safonova.

The diploma project of the graduate of the London Film School (Sofia Film School) Sofia Safonova liked the strict, but fair jury of the London Short Film Festival more than other contenders. What was announced on January 16 at the ceremony of announcing the list of laureates. He won the Best British Short Film nomination, although he was shot in his native city of Sofia. The plot line is touching and uncomplicated: the history of the conductor Tamara, trying to arrange her destiny and not to spoil relations with her son-teenager. A collision that is understandable to the viewer in any country even without translation. The main character played a professional actress from Krasnoyarsk Inessa Torbich.

In the role of Tamara’s female happiness and the bus driver, the television journalist Dmitri Byzov starred. The ideal performer of the role of the son - Yegor Rudy - was not found in the children’s theater studio or on a multi-hour casting, but at a bus stop. Members of the film crew from Australia and Britain also did not lose their heads in the harsh realities of the Russian outback. For a quality «picture» was answered by an operator from Latvia, mutual understanding with the locals reached and a decent organization of filming was provided by the American producer and the second director from Australia.

The Russian premiere of the film will be held in the spring at the festival «Spirit of Fire». The victory at the prestigious festival, a thousand prize-winning pounds - a good reserve for the future. A talented young director who now lives in Moscow will be able to use it wisely.


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