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Music Festival named after Safonov: dedication to geniuses


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KISLOVODSK. The XXIth Festival of Academic Music named after Safonov began its work.

The traditional festival of academic music is held in Kislovodsk for the 21st time on the basis of one of the oldest in Russia North Caucasus State Philharmonic. Every year famous Russian and foreign performers become its participants. The current festival «Reflection. Mozart / Shostakovich «is dedicated to two great composers of the XVIII and XX centuries, the jubilees of this year.

On July 2, a grand opening was held. The program of the evening with the symbolic name «Mozartiana» consisted of works of the genius Austrian: violin and piano concertos, as well as the overture to the opera hit «The Magic Flute». The Russian pianist Svetlana Berezhnaya and the Swiss violinist Pyotr Nikiforov performed accompanied by a symphonic concert named after Safonov. The latter demonstrated his skills behind the conductor’s console.

The audience is waiting for symphonic and organ concerts, the premiere of the opera «So do all women», literary and musical evenings, film screenings.

Vasily Ilich Safonov, whose name the festival bears, was an outstanding conductor, teacher, pianist, and an active promoter of Russian music abroad. He collaborated with the best orchestras of the world: in New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, La Scala. His outstanding talent was recognized by Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov.

The musician moved to Kislovodsk in 1917. After the revolution, the fate of Safonov and his family was tragic. The Bolsheviks did not forgive the novel of Anna’s eldest daughter (for Timiryova’s husband) with Kolchak. Mocking false conclusions for the execution cost Safonov life. He died in 1918, his heart could not stand it. Daughters Anna and Elena were repressed. The first stayed in the camps, the second was in exile. Safonov’s grandson - the artist Vladimir Timiryov - was arrested on false denunciation and shot in 1938.


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